G  L  I  M  M  E  R

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Heather Mae's third album, "Glimmer", is a collection of seven songs supporting one central theme:


This is a record for the light seekers, the good trouble makers. This is a record for when you're in the dark, searching for the light. This is a record for the good fight. Piano driven alt-pop featuring cinematic strings, vibrant brass, and a driving bass line, compliment atmospheric tom-heavy drums (a la Fleetwood Mac’s "Go Your Own Way").

Mae, a powerhouse performer and earthshaking vocalist, has taken her personal struggle with mental health, placed it into a record and live show, and turned her experience into a universal light force that shines for every audience member.

This is not your mother's social justice music. This is not a flower-in-your-hair, solo acoustic guitar performer singing songs and taking encores while throwing peace. Heather is an empowering, on-fire, musical experience delivered via explosive vocals over high energy rhythm-heavy instrumentation that bursts in the chest of every audience member, moved to their core by her passion and message of self-love.

Heather’s mission - to leave behind a legacy of changing the world for better - can be seen at the end of every show: she stays until the last audience member receives exactly what they need from her (even if that means moving her ever-present merch line to the parking lot after the venue has closed). 

Heather Mae's new record, “Glimmer" is the light in the dark.

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T H E   B A N D

"In 2019, I will be debuting my new live (all LGBTQ) backing band: vocalist, bassist and trans-performer activist, Joe Stevens (formerly Coyote Grace, toured w/ Melissa Ferrick and Indigo Girls) and female empowerment drummer, JJ Jones (formerly Girlyman, toured w/ Indigo Girls). With them, my live show is the album: come to life." - HM

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Heather Mae + band is now booking the 2019 festival season. We promise to provide a bad-ass social justice, feminist infused, live show like you've never experienced before.

For booking inquiries, contact Lara Supan: